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Hi! I'm Antonio.
I'm a video editor, motion designer and social anthropologist.

I've been learning and experimenting with video editing, graphics design and motion graphics for more than a decade, with five years of professional experience.

I currently work as a post-production coordinator at Focus Entertainment Argentina, a studio primarily dedicated to animation and short fiction live-action series, that works with clients such as Greenpeace and Paka Paka (Argentina's main TV channel for kids), among others.

As a freelancer, I have worked for universities like Stanford and UBA, as well as teachers, YouTube channels, influencers, and small businesses. I have had clients from the US, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Haiti, Chile, and Argentina.

Clients I've worked with



Video-podcast episode. Stanford University.

My roles: Editing.

For "La Palita" restaurants, Argentina.

My roles: Editing, Motion Graphics.

Institutional videos - CGA (2024)

For YouTube channel of the Anthropologist Assosiation of Argentina (CGA).

My roles: Script, Filming, Editing, Motion Graphics.

Youtube channel & social media account. Independent.

My roles: Scripting. Filming. Voice-over. Performing. Illustrations. Animations. Editing. Sound. Color. Motion Graphics.

Live action fiction series. Focus Argentina - CONTAR.

My roles: Editing. Sound design. Color grading. Motion Graphics.

Animation series. Focus Argentina / Paka Paka.

My roles: Animatics. Editing. Compositing. VFX. End titles.

Animation series. Focus Argentina / Greenpeace.

My roles: Animatics. Editing. Compositing. VFX.

Animation ad campaign for social media. Focus Argentina / Greenpeace.

My roles: Animatics. Editing. Compositing. VFX.

Animation series. Focus Argentina / Renacer.

My roles: Editing. Compositing. VFX.

Short Documentary. Focus Argentina.

My roles: Editing. Titles. Motion Graphics.

Contact me!


(+54) 11 6760-6620  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina